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Vertical Air Classifier(Single Classify Wheel)

Vertical Air Classifier(Single Classify Wheel)

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Application area:

Air classifier works with cyclone separator, bag filter and suction fan to form a complete classifying system. Material would go from the bottom part of air classifier up to the classifying cham- ber by the air flow from suction fan. The classifier wheel with high-speed rotation would create a strong centrifugal force to separate coarse and fine powder. Qualified fine powder would go through the wheel vane then into the cyclone or bag filter, while coarse entraining fine powder would lose its speed and fall down along the wall of chamber to the inlet of secondary air. The secondary air flow would disperse it further and separates coarse and fine powder. Fine powder would go up to the classi- fying chamber for further classifying, while coarse powder would fall down and will be dischanged from the bottom outlet.

Working principle

Under the action of the fan, the material moves to the classification area at a high speed from the lower inlet of the classifier with the updraft. Under the action of the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification turbine, the material is separated, and the fine particles meeting the particle size requirements enter the cyclone separator or dust collector through the blade gap of the classification wheel for collection. The velocity of some fine particles entrained by coarse particles disappears after hitting the wall, and then decreases to the secondary air outlet along the wall of the cylinder. Through the strong washing effect of the secondary air, the coarse and fine particles are separated, the fine particles rise to the secondary classification in the classification area, and the coarse particles drop to the discharge port for discharge.

Technical parameter

Parameters/specifications FL300 FL360 FL450 ITC-4 ITC-5 ITC-6
Production Capacity(kg/h) 20~1000 300~2000 1000~3000 8000~15000 15000~20000 20000~30000
Product Size(d97:μm) 6~150 5~150 5~150 10~150 15~150 20~150
Classifying efficiency(%) 60~90 60~90 60~90 60~90 60~90 60~90
Installed Power(kW) 11.5~42.5 18~60 63.5~105 120~160 90~200 170~310

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