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MZ Herb Vibration Mill

MZ Herb Vibration Mill


Product Size:D50:2.5~150μm


Application area:Chinese herbal medicine, medicine, food, health products, cosmetics, etc.

Working principle

By strong vibration of the vibration source, the material in the grinding chamber is in the fluidized state, and is subjected to the high-strength impact of the grinding rod, such as collision, cutting, grinding and squeezing, so that the material can reach the micron pulverization or cell wall disruption in a short time. At same time, the grinder can also be used as a precision mixer and a coating modifier. By adjusting the intensity of vibration, it is convenient to control the fineness of the material to be grinded. Dry and wet pulverizing operations are both available. Meet GMP requirements, easy to assemble and disassemble, suitable for refueling operations. It has various working configurations such as normal temperature, water cooling, low temperature, ultra-low temperature, anti-oxidation and anti-explosion, which can reduce the temperature in the grinding chamber and facilitate the crushing of heat-sensitive materials. Widely used in Chinese herbal medicine, medicine, food, health products, cosmetics and other industries. It is a grinder with simple process and high cost performance.

Technical parameter

Parameter MZ03 MZ06 MZ10 MZ30 MZ50 MZ100 MZ200
Chamber Volume 3L 6L 10L 30L 50L 100L 200L
Grinding Volume 0.6L 1.2L 2L 5L 10L 20L 40L
Voltage 220v Three-phase 380v Three-phase 380v Three-phase 380v Three-phase 380v Three-phase 380v Three-phase 380v
Power 0.37kW 1.1kW 0.75kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3.7kW 7.5kW
Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above is only for selection reference.

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