Pin Grinder with Silicon Metal

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Most of the product production and processing in the current stage uses PIN GRINDER WILICON METAL, using Pin Grinder with Silicon Metal, is a very common way to process and produce, accompanied by the continuous improvement of scientific productivity, grading equipment technology It is also imminent to replace. The performance and internal configuration of the grading device of the airflow must also keep the trend of the era to continue the upgrade of the product.

PIN GRINDER WILICION METAL is based on particle size, shape, density, non-water, no water washing, complete dry, can obtain narrower particle size distribution, non-pollution-free microemented micropowder;
Efficient Grading, eliminating wear technology, reliability, no leakage technology, large particle control technology, fine powder extraction technology, complete, stabilized flow field design technology, constant gas-solid concentration is more than design technology, regulate a certain number of product yields;
Small wear, can be highly pure, ultra-narrowly machined ultrafine powder, avoiding the wear of the horizontal grade machine. Under the same material, the service life of the equipment is more than 5 times the ordinary classifier;
High grading accuracy, stable and complete hierarchical flow field, and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles, vertical Circulation in the turbine grading machine guarantees qualified product particle size;
full-negative pressure, no dust pollution, equipment does not need to do the foundation, convenient for maintenance and maintenance. Online detection can be implemented according to user needs, and automatic automatic unmanned production operations are implemented.

ALPA desulfurizer PIN Grinder with Silicon Metal case Sharing: The company is a high-tech company that requires a desulfurizer crusher, investigating a number of fine powder equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, and finally chose Our alpa's Pin Grinder with Silicon Metal.
Technical parameters:
Finished particle size: 200 mesh 90% passed
Production capacity: 4-5T

Before using it, pay attention to it, you must pay attention to use, Operation, make the damage rate can be minimized, then what should you pay attention to before using the PIN GRINDER WITH SILICON METAL?
1, before use, check if all fasteners are fastened and whether the direction of operation of the spindle is correct, so as not to damage the machine.
2, lubrication should be performed as required to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3, before adding the material to the pulverizer, it is not mixed to avoid damage to the grinding machine.
4, whether foreign matter or impurities, if it should be disposed in time to avoid damage to the tool.
5. If there is any abnormality in use,It should be handled immediately to avoid more losses.
6, some parts should be checked regularly.If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

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Pin Grinder with Silicon Metal

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