Hammer Grinder with oxide

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Hammer Grinder with oxide plays a vital role in the current industrial production. In major minerals, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food manufacturing industries are widely used. With the continuous development of Hammer Grinder with Oxide, the major industries are particularly medical, and the food industry has put forward new requirements in the purity of materials during pulverization. I hope the powder can keep it clean. In the manufacture of traditional Hammer Grinder with Oxide, carbon steel, stainless steel is generally used as a lining material for Hammer Grinder with oxide.

Hammer Grinder with Oxide is: Change the linear and surface impact grinding of traditional grinding machines to space 3D impact grinding, and make full use of high-speed airflow generated by jet in the material flow of the pulverizer. The pulverization region produces a gas-solid pulverization and grading circulating flow effect in a similar fluid state, and improving the efficiency and energy integrated utilization of impact crushing.
The high-speed airflow generated by the jet impact can be fully utilized to the material flow of the pulling chamber than the other conventional methods. The average energy consumption is reduced by 30% to 40%. Since the impact-crushing area and the gas-solid flow zone are placed in the intermediate space of the pulverized chamber, the impact corrosion of high-speed airflow driven materials is improving, and the jet impact grinding process is improved. The most severe wear problem greatly reduces the possibility of material pollution, using high purity nitrogen, argon and other protective gas as a working medium, prevent oxidation, low-loop operating gas consumption, low cost. During the fully closed-loop operation, no dust is flying, and there is no contamination of the environment, and it is unharitten about the human body.

ALPA Water Glucose Medium Hammer Grinder with Oxide Case Sharing: A starch sugar is needed to take a decentralized equipment for water glucose media, and some powder companies have not found. Suitable equipment. We have found appropriate equipment in our AlPA. Our Hammer Grinder with Oxide can disperse the water glucose medium.
Technical parameters:
Finished particle size: waterless glucose greater than 18 mesh

Installation, operation and maintenance is three important factors using Hammer Grinder with oxide. The wear and consumption of each operation has always been a key factor in each startup operation. In order to use the airflow pulverizer for a long time, please adjust the open mode. Boot is a standard, for the first time to contact and use this kind of equipment, it is always a very strange state. In fact, it is very simple, the best way is to familiarize yourself with the consumer content on the instructions or have no use value. Timely specification and familiar. Timely check the airflow pulverizer before starting.Develop good usage habits.In the future, we don't need to pay attention to and familiarize.
The airflow pulverizer has improved and improved from the design and component combination, gave us a lot of help.It is good quality, but it is also declined for a long time without maintenance and maintenance.Check the operating components, electrical components, and transmission.Once an abnormality occurs, please repair it in time, without a fault, gas mill, prevent accidents.

Hammer Grinder with oxide's usage specification has a lot of use, and I want to know more about the superfine gas flow grader, welcome to consult with us!

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Hammer Grinder with oxide

Hammer Grinder with oxide plays a vital role in the current industrial production. In major minerals, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food manu

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