Impact crusher with granulated sugar

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It is well known that this product technology in Impact Crusher With Granulated Sugar has been widely valued by the industry.

Impact Crusher With Granulated Sugar rationally, running stable, low energy consumption, large crushing capacity, small size, no malfunction, convenient cleaning and maintenance. Typically, the outer casing uses water-cooled and self-produced air volume, transporting a powder material, low temperature rise, and the thermal material can be pulverized. The blade wear is reduced by using a large number of ultrasonic vortices generated by the back surface of the blade and the high frequency pressure. Compact, no dust overflow.

ALPA Battery Material Impact Crusher With Granulate Sugar Case Sharing:

A new energy company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of new energy materials. The company is committed to new energy materials research and Innovation, the company's products include lithium batteries special tetrashydrium 3 oxide, magnetic material tetraside and lithium battery positive electrode material manganese acid.
The company has advanced technology and excellent quality, and has established a complete quality management operation system.
Case parameters
Product particle size: D50: 15μm
hour yield: 600kg

Impact Crusher with Granulate SUGAR Job Safety Application Basic Requirements

1, when the crusher work, the operator should Standing in the tangent direction of the hammer rotation, it is not allowed to wear a glove to feed, and the hand must exceed the safety line, and it is not allowed to use the iron and sticks instead of hand.
2, pulverizer and power unit should be installed firmly. If the equipment is fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement; if the device is a mobile operation, the unit should be installed on the base made of angle iron, and ensure that the belt wheel groove of the power machine (diesel or electric motor) and the equipment is in the same Rotary plane.
At the same time, check if the leather belt looseness is appropriate.
4 Whether the power machine and the pulverizing machine are lubricated.
5, don't just replace the pulley, prevent the transition chamber to produce explosion, or the speed of the pulverizer is too low.
6. After the pulverizer starts, it should be idled by 2 to 3 minutes, no abnormal phenomenon, then press the work.
7. At any time, pay attention to the operation of the equipment, the feeding should be uniform.To prevent blocking rigs, don't have a long time overload.If there is found that vibration, noise, the bearing and the body temperature is too high, the outer spray, etc., should be closed immediately, and the fault can be eliminated.
8. When blocking occurs, it should be stopped immediately. It is strictly forbidden to use a wooden stick or hand to feed or pull out the feed to avoid the pulverizer to wound the arm or damage the machine.
9. If you crush a hard raw material, the operator must wear glasses.
10, the workplace should have a ventilator and strictly prohibit fireworks to prevent dust explosion from fire.

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