Vibration Crusher with Polycarbonate

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Vibration Crusher With Polycarbonate as a clean, efficient, high-level, high-yield, high-yield, a wide range of extensive applications in crushing, from a few tens of micro trials to test a few hundred A few tons of large production, Vibration Crusher With Polycarbonate with narrow particle size distribution, the average particle size is fine; the powder is good, the product is purity; suitable for low melting point, thermal drugs; good sexy, less pollution; Crushing - Mix - Dry Online Operation and other major characteristics have been widely recognized by the company.

The airflow classification is based on centrifugal force, gravity, inertial force, etc., produces different motion trajectories depending on the gas (usually air), gravity, and inertial force to achieve different particle sizes. Classification. Vibration Crusher With Polycarbonate can be divided into static classifiers and dynamic classifiers based on whether there is moving parts. The development of Vibration Crusher With Polycarbonate is getting better and better. Many industries need to control the particle size of fine powder.

ALPA desulfurizer Vibration Crusher With Polycarbonate case sharing: The company is a high-tech company that requires a desulfurizer crusher, investigating a number of powder equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, and finally chose our Alpa's Vibration Crusher with poblecarbonate.
Technical parameters:
Finished granularity: 200 mesh 90% passed
Production capacity: 4-5T

Today we have learned how to maintain the usual Vibration Crusher with PolyCarbonate .
First, the air blower
1. Because the blades in the fan are particularly easy to accumulate, so they must clean the dust in the fan every week.
2, add the bearing box once a month.
3, if there is an abnormality in the fan, it is necessary to stop the ultrafine gas flow classifier for inspection.
Second, the host
1, you should check the graded impeller, spiral feeder, smash nozzle each year, see if there is wear, whether there is a place to replace.
2, running to a certain time, in order not to affect the use of ultrafine gas flow grading machine, some parts must be cleaned.
3, the bearing should make the right amount of lubrication, which will make the temperature abnormally.
Third, the planet waste valve
1, if the ultrafine airflow classifier has an abnormality, it must be downtown immediately.
2The impeller is cleaned up every three months and the body.
3, plus lubricants should also have every three.

Different models of milling machine performance, different granularity, different production efficiency, different production and production environment, the price of processing equipment is also different, customers can ask AlPA engineers to purchase appropriateModel and specification, welcome to inquire.

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