Rod Pin Pulverizer with Sea Cucumber Feed

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With the development of the times, the progress of society, the development of the market is elegant, and more and more manufacturing have to accelerate innovation, some transformations, some continue to improve the technical level of the product, to adapt to the development of the market, Meet the customer's picky requirements. In the case of continuous changes in the market, only constantly innovation, continuously improve your technical level, and constantly improve your own products, in order to make the airflow classifier industry have a broader development space.

Rod Pin Pulverizer With SEA Cucumber Feed and Cyclone Separator, dust collectors and air machines have become a complete crushing system. After filtering the compressed air, the high-speed nozzle is sprayed into the pulverized chamber, and the material is repeated, friction and shear at the intersection of the multi-high pressure airflow.

The crushing material moves together with the rising airflow to the pulverized region under suction of the fan, producing a strong centrifuge generated by a high speed rotary pulley. Under the action of force, the fine particles are separated, and the cyclone and dust collectors are collected by the pulverizing wheel according to particle size particles, and the coarse particles fall into the pulverized region to continue to be pulverized.

AlPa buckwheat powder Rod Pin Pulverizer with sea cucumber feed case sharing:

A food company is a large joint venture specializing in the production and sales of beverage food.

From the development of a single variety to the production of various products, the products produced are all over the country.
The company has PET filling machine from SASIB, Italy, a PET filling machine, a PET filling machine, Italy SIPA, a PET blower, Italy SIPA, PET blower. The annual production capacity reached 300,000 tons. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and GMP and HACCP specifications are implemented and certified.
Case parameters:
Product particle size: D50: 3-45UM
Hours Yield: 1-5kg

Rod Pin Pulverizer with Sea cucumber feed The problem of dust leakage, can be from the following In terms of processing

1. Install the filter dust removal equipment. For the dust generated by the high-temperature pulverizer, foam dust removal, wetting agent dust removal, ultrasonic atomization technology, composite filter bag dust removal, folding dust release bag, wide spacing electric precipitator dust removal. The user can also consider the overall performance of dust removal, so combined dust removal is used.

2. Due to the mild leakage during the production process, the dust will appear, causing pollution to the work area. Therefore, the user needs to guarantee the sealing property of the pneumatic grinding machine.
3, increasing the humidity of the equipment operation area, strengthening ventilation, storing fire equipment, avoiding a large amount of dust inhaling the harm caused by the human body.
4, production enterprisesThe industry should be equipped with the air compressor operator with the corresponding protective article, and the operator should also wear protective supplies in accordance with the regulations.
5, do a good job in the maintenance and management of existing dust equipment, guarantee its normal operation and use dustproof.The maintenance management of high temperature crushers seems simple, and actual operation requires good attitude and habits.

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Rod Pin Pulverizer with Sea Cucumber Feed

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